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 The Hydro-Act brake actuator hitch contains a master brake cylinder which, when the towing vehicle brakes, is compressed by the forward momentum of the following trailer:

Master cylinder is compressed as towing vehicle slows.
Brake fluid is forced into the trailer’s brake lines.
  3. Trailer brakes engage.
Trailer speed slows to match that of the towing vehicle.
The actuator then returns to a resting, "steady state".

For more than 50 years, the Hydro-Act line of brake actuators has been the premier choice in brake actuators; setting the standard for military and commercial applications requiring surge braking systems, and trading on a tradition of quality, reliability and durability. Competitors have entered the marketplace with sheet metal replicas and low-cost knock-offs, but have not succeeded in duplicating the integrity and value of the original Hydro-Act.Our trailer building customers remain loyal to the Hydro-Act product as a result of experience. They have tried the others,and have decided that the value and peace of mind provided by our brake actuators is an indispensable part of what keeps their customers coming back.
 Additional Benefits:

 • Built-in shock absorption provides smooth, positive stopping over a wide        range of loads and speeds.

 • Emergency lever locks the brakes upon trailer separation.

 •Weather resistant coating and seals for low maintenance.

 •A variety of models and couplers satisfy any trailer design. 

 •Actuators are 100% work tested prior to shipment. 

Brake Actuator Features:
Fully automatic and operationally independent.
No electrical or hydraulic connections to towing vehicle.
Constantly ready to deliver proportional braking.
No reliance upon external power or control.
Trailer is easily moved from one towing vehicle to another.
May be used to supplement other braking systems Federal Highway
      Administration regulations, or where specific applications require
      non-surge braking systems.  

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