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​​​​Powder Coating Services

Blackalloy™ drill units, automated drilling assemblies and drilling systems have enjoyed widespread success in small hole precision production drilling applications in metals, woods, plastics, and other drilling mediums.

Typical drilling applications can be found in virtually all manufactured products where holes are required.

Mendenhall Industries offers fully assembled drum dolly bases to meet your lubrication needs. Our dolly bases come in four models.  Along with all of our products, our drum dollies are made in the USA. 

(Handwheels, Knobs, Cranks & Handles)

Mendenhall industries Corporation Handwheels

Toledo Actuator 

Since opening our doors in 2012, Mendenhall Industries has strived to provide our customers with the best quality service and products. Ranging from brake actuators to custom machines parts and commercial powder coating; Mendenhall Industries has the capabilities to meet your needs. Please take a moment to browse through our products and services. If you have any questions please contact us immediately.

​​​Powder coating has become a preference to manufacturers opposed to liquid application since it was introduced nearly 40 years ago.

While powder coating produces a high quality durable finish, it has also proven to maximize production, cut costs, improve efficiency and is more enviromentally friendly than liquid finish. 

For more than 50 years, the Hydro-Act line of brake actuators has been the premier choice in brake actuators; setting the standard for military and commercial applications requiring surge braking systems, and trading on a tradition of quality, reliability and durability.


Ball Crank Manual Control products reflect over a century of sensitivity to the needs of machine operators for comfort, safety and precise touch. With constant reviews and refined manufacturing and finishing processes to assure maximum quality and service.