Mendenhall Industries was established in April 2012 for investing in various opportunities. One such opportunity is products that can be successfully manufactured, assembled, and distributed using company facilities. Two such product lines were purchased from Balcrank Corporation. 

All actuators continue to be built to meet SAE-J684, and are assigned cage code 93072. The "Hydro-Act" line continues to set the standard for Military and Commercial applications requiring surge braking systems.

Made in USA
Ball Crank

"Ball Crank" Manual Controls product line is recognized throughout the world as the premium name in the manufacture of Balanced Cranks, Machine Handles, and Handwheels. "Ball Crank" manual control products have long been (since 1906) the high quality choice for demanding builders in diverse industries. These range from Machine Tools, Appliances, Instruments, to Control Systems. They are also used in more sensitive applications - Medical and Military where precision machine response is imperative.

These two product lines meet the quality standard goal for all Mendenhall Industries products. Mendenhall Industries is a company in which we strive to always provide the best quality in products and service for our customers. 

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